Church History

Mount Paran Missionary Baptist Church Family, circa 1960


Mt. Paran M.B.C. was organized in 1930 under the leadership of Rev. E. D. Robinson with 14 members.  It humbly began in an old, wooden house in the 1400 block of Martin L. King Dr.  The very first offering of $6.25 was collected from those early members.  The first auxiliaries were the Sunday School, the Mission Department, and the Senior Usher Board. 

Our church has had four name changes including the Lakeside B.C., the First Colored B.C. and Mt. Paran B.C.  It has been relocated and rebuilt numerous times; the last relocation and construction occurred in 1990 under the vision, guidance, directions, prayers, and perseverance of Pastor C. L. Pennywell.

Since its organization in 1930 by its early pioneers, Mt. Paran’s history is marked with the existence of 86 years of service and the leadership of 6 pastors.  They are Rev. E.D. Robinson, Rev. Johnny Young, Rev. L.W. Reed, Rev. C.L. Pennywell, Rev. Lonnie L. Moore, Jr., and Rev. Everett L. Hall.